Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok so ROD Looks amazing for a 63 year old I do mean great!!!!!!
The show started and 7:00 on time wow in mexico nobody does anything on time and it was really weird of course my bf came for me and we couldn't find a parking spot remember Mexico is the largest CITY IN THE WORLD and sooo many population and with cars so it was weird getting a parking spot but i told him calm down and we found one exactly outside of the Auditorio Nacional which is pretty big, we got inside and my SIL was there with her BF Zamy also my FIL and my MIL we sat down and in a second the show started.
With lights and visual effects of the RODFATHER like a movie preview it was really funny and then came RODSTER himself and started singing
He sang tons of songs he changed 6 times he IS sooooo hot, he wore black really skinny jean, i mean they looked like the where painted on. a silver jacket with a white black shirt, then toke the silver jacket off, and put a black shirt with a red tie, he changed again to normal white shirt his hair was immaculate just perfect punky style blonde big hair, then he have us 10 minutes to take a break and started singing for one more hour he sang from 7pm to 9pm not a song more or a minute more which i can understand 2 hours and him being sick it was a fun show really enjoyed it.
He was so sick from his throat, I have no idea how he could sang all of them.
He sang the first cut is the deepest (which i thought of my first cut) and it still hurts it's too true.
Ok so here is the list of the songs he sang
Someone like you
Fathers and sons
First cut is the deepest
Maggie may
Hot legs
Rhythm Of My Heart
Have I Told You Lately
This Old Heart Of Mine
Downtown Train
You Wear It Well
Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)
My Heart Can't Tell You No
Ooh La La
Mandolin Wind
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
I'll Stand By You
It's A Heartache
Love Hurts
Missing You
Fooled Around And Fell In Love
Still The Same
Day After Day
The Best Of MY Love
You Go TO My Head
About 4 songs i have never heard i mean neverrrr
but really great
Also he started throwing ball around the stage then a really really really fat guy have him a mexican flag which he wore while singing and everyone got crazy MEXICO MEXICO everyone shouted MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO
He didn't sang any of the Romantic new music from as time goes by cd, or stardust, or the great american songbook really sad for my Mother in Law she loves those songs so when she got home she put 3 cds to listen.
I put if you think i'm sexy 10 times i couldn't get it out of my head, i'm a crazy at concerts but on this one i was pretty much sitting down and i actually cried () me yeah cried when he sang some one like you,
Closed the concert with OMG my favorite, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?