Monday, February 28, 2011


Me yeah I DON'T think so, but I did want to celebrate the Oscars even after a week of my surgery.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I do need to go to the USA to buyyyyy scrapbooking stuff there aren't many stores in Mexico that sell great amazing and cheap stuff everything here is almost 90% more and old they don't have the new stuff like in Hobby Lobby, Joann Stores, Michaels and my beloved TARGET uhhhh I even miss the dollar store crap I miss shopping.
So my alternative is COSTCO yeah costco.
I did found this great scrapbooking kit on sale.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm going to get surgery so I got depressed and well we did a little celebration Kung pao chicken and some singing in the kinect but from that it was pretty much it I didn't make anything for my BF too sad :( but he is soooo sweet he brought me a valentines card, and 2 of my favorite things croissants and granny smith apples.All the love of the world gets together on valentines day nope I don't thinks so, this commercial holiday it's just what it is, but there is no way that my BF is getting out of it, he knows how CORNY I am with Valys day I always make a big deal the good part is we DON'T celebrate on the 14th that would be cheesy hahahaha we celebrate the 13 which is my favorite day!!!
2011 I wanted something more mmmmm me NO flowers, NO chocolates, (a minute in the mouth a millennium in my hips) NO teddy bears I mean really what am I going to do with a teddy bear, NO ballons!!!!
I asked for granny smith apples and croissants (yeah right like this is an alternative to the chocolate, I think the croissants are worst but hey they are croissants mmmmmm delizzz).
And what did I get yes 2 gorgeous RED heart shaped baskets with what else Croissants and Granny Smith Apples with a perfect card.
Seeeeeeeee down below

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Who is going to win, that is the question I really wanted the Steelers because of the color, but who won GREEN BAY and they did a great job I might add.
I loved the commercials of the superbowl and the food, I made a triple fudge chocolate coconut cream cheese cake shaped as a football, and our food choices was sliders (mini burgers) beer, pretzels, buffalo wings, and fried potato wedges, but actually all the decor and all the fuss I make for the super bowl it's really an excuse for me to decorate the table for the superbowl, and for my scrapbook.
mmmmmm the cake

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I made 7 calendars this year and wowwwww it toke me someee time let's see so there is 12 months in a year plus the cover it's 13 pages each calendar plus 13 back colors, 13 images, 13 calendar dates,13 back color of the calendars, 13 background cuttlebug, and at last 13 tiny images. so that is 91 91 things to do for each calendar and I made 637 OMG!!!! No wonder I was soooooo tired but it was sooo much fun.I TOKE PHOTOS OF 6 CALENDARS MADE LOOKS BETTER THAN THE 7 TOGETHER