Friday, July 31, 2009


Me serving our costumers
Sorry I haven't been posting but for the last month I have been planing the restaurant deal I want to open one I already found a location and checking tables chairs absolutely everything the theme the prices god it's a lot of work but it's pretty exciting so I hope to post more cards and all but right now I have 2 priorities my paintings and my restaurant the expo will be in december so I can finish my paintings I have 5 now can you believe it 5 and all done so that is pretty cool and working on 2 more also I got this accountant and a manager so they can help me get the business running I'm soooooo excited about this project it's literally changing my life 180 degress.
Will post later some more cards.
Ampa serving hahahaha oh I can't wait to have our own place

Monday, July 27, 2009


After Mischa had her kitties I wanted to make a cute card for a pet store so this is what I got again it's the shadow box technique so if anyone wants a tut let me know but it's pretty simple and they are tons of tuts in SCS.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yeahhhhhh Mexico played sooooo cool I just had to post this they won they actually won.
Me and Arlette went downtown to buy some DVD's and have an amazing spa sunday and watching movies and eating sushi at my house when we started hearing my neighbor shouting gooooool so I turned off the movie we where seeing and put the mexican channel there it was Mex VS EU.
I normally don't watch soccer but then I saw the goooooool and I started yealling too then 3 gooooool wow I was sooooo happy I was about to call someone but then 4th gooooool and the
5th was just perfect way for the game to finish I was sooooo thrilled I made this card can you believe it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I'm packing my bags going on a trip sooooo fun I can't wait it was really unaspected.
I'll post some of my adventure travel plans and the trip i'm really excited too...
I made this card so I had to post it for the ocation.
Gotta gooooo
kisses xoxoxo sistahsss


Here is the card I gave my mum I also made her a cake but I'll be adding it in the cup a cake blog
The other angle you can see it I used acetate so it would have a window effect.
My mum and her hubby still in love and still crazyyyyyy but happy.
My SIL and my bro Pablo which I love them dearly I will post later some pictures of me with Arlette my cousin.

Friday, July 17, 2009


A friend of mine want's to get preggers so I made her a cute card and wish her goodluck getting pregnant shes is an amazing woman and if this is what she wants I do hope she get's it.
I love how this side it looks like there is light coming from the store
This is the side of it so next week i'll be posting yes ladies a tut finally after months of not adding tut's I might have some time so i'll post how to make this card and the measurements.
Thanks for looking!!! :)
I will post here some pictures of my oil paintings i'm really excited about this part of my life why didn't I think of this before painting has always been a pasion for me so now selling the paintings and getting orders is just pretty cool.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


One of my best friends just moved in to her new house under the serious terrible drama drama drama which I can't say but truly sad story she is now in her house so I made her a welcome home card and she loved it.