Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well not know but I did some shopping a while back ad I bought uhhhhhh guess guess guess ok you didn't guess so I'll tell you I bought.............................. scrapbooking crap!!!!!
What a surpriseeeee yes I bought jolee's lots and lots of jolee's and 2 scrapbook kits in COSTCO (hey i'm in Mexico I don't have Michaels 0r Joann or all the best scrapbooking supplies so sadly mine come from COSTCO) But it was surprisingly interesting to see that I got to really neat 12x12 scrapbooks here they are I still haven't used ribbons in my pages maybe on of these days I will try it!!! Who knows but the worst part is i'm becoming a Ribbon HOARDER NOOOOOO
Ok this is my best buys of the year 2010!!!
When you open it it has all these things the bad part is they don't sell them anymore :(More things that came with the kit
Pages inside the kit
Halloween items of course gotta have my fav time of year
Some X-mas stuff
I loved these stamp setssssss tooooo cool
Lots of primassssss flowers to meee

My ribbon purses pretty much free they where from other things I had bought BUT I still want the purple ribbon purse ohhhhh well that is just me
A closer look at all the colors color coordinated of course WHAT ELSE!!!
The other side
Nesties I can't live with out them love love loveeeee them and I want the NEW ONES my b-day is coming soooo maybe I might buy them yeaahaha
A whole lot of more than 200 Jolee's OMG even JF loved them hey I have a supported BF that is great didn't even made a face when I told him the value of the lot $$$$$$

Sunday, November 28, 2010


After months of not blogging i'm going to SCOFF (Speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way) absolutely all the stuff I have been doing since Thanksgiving how did I forgot to blog since then???So I did do some place cards for my thanksgiving dinner which was a success yeayayayahhhh

Friday, November 26, 2010


I got this order ready a while back but still I wanted it to be perfect it was for a costumer that did her THESIS on coffee beans I think (oops I forgot to ask if you see this post please let me know about your thesis) anyways she loved the idea and she wanted these colors cream, coffee, chocolate, gold, and a bronze I loved the simple of it and yet it just mess together they just work in harmony, just love it!!!
These where the big cards, I used the transparent cellophane envelopes so you still get an envelope but get to see the gorgeous cards.
These little purses would be together with the big cards they are just soooo cute.
For the thank you cards that where 25 of them, I just had to make the cup of coffee as a box so she could have all her thank you cards in this little box as a cup of coffee isn't it just perfect!!!
Inside the cup of coffee ok gotta gooo now I want an Espresso or a Capuchino so much talk about coffee mmmmm this time it was a real COFFEE TALK hahahahha dumb joke.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Instead of a turkey card, yhy not a pumpkin fairy for this day??? no turkey YET because I still haven't bought my turkey stamp that I want........... oh well for next year I will have it, but for now a cute fairy surrounded by pumpkins and fall autumn colors.
I love the fairy it just looks like she is flowing in fairy pumpkin dust and with the pumpkin backround loves it.
Even thought it's similar as the previous photo but I love in this one you can see better the starlight paper that is my favorite paper to use like always hahahaha