Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nope not mine but my dear little bro and my sil, they are married!
Who MADE the cards meeeeeee
All the paper bought and pre-cut for each little thing and let me tell you it's alot of work.
I thought this was a cute idea for the cards but it's in english and all the other stuff is spanish, and the bride doesn't like spanglish, so nope no cuttlebug for these cards.
This is how they looked from the inside
The RSVP invites
I had to add a stamp, hey I do have a collection
60 CARDS wooohooo finished
This was an option for the bow, but the sil, wants it turquoise,
and in Mexico it was a very berry hard color to find!!!
But voilaaaaa I found a similar colorrrr and the bride to be is happy so I'm happy
just need to finish all the other things of the cards gotta go I'm doing in them as we speak.