Thursday, April 16, 2009

PIZZA ANYONE mee mee meeeeeee!!!!!

In Mexico we have a huge special on pizzas pretty much all the pizza places have 2 for the price of 1 Ponte Vecchio ohhhhhh love those, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Little Ceaser has a promotion of 3 for the price of one but me eating pizza right now i'm not in the mood ahhhhhh yeah me saying no to CHEESE ok I might be sick while yes yes I am sick I have a terrible sore throat and I talk like a guy or a really really really sore throat girl, anyways I wanted pizza today ohhhhh did I ever but with my throat I had to do the next best thing a pizza box and a pizza card ohhhhh I love these.....
Aren't they cuteeeee my BF JF is going to freak he hates stuff that takes space that means cards that are bulky mmmmm he is dating me of course I make bulky cards I have 50 box cards premade I still need to sell those or give them away away away box cards please all of you gooooo AWAYYYYYY.
On the inside of the mini pizza box I added very genius of me a cookie pizza hahahahah buttt it looks more like a tortilla with salsa and cheese called SOPES crap even my brothers which I have 3 said it looked like sopes but it's a chocolate chip cookie with strawberry jam and coconut I loveeee coconut or more saying coconut than eating it.
Crap i'm cough cough cough peeps gotta go

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know it has nothing to do with stamping or scrapbooking but I just saw the movie and cried and cried since the first 5 mins I'm in my sensitive stage really and a bit pathetic now that i'm writing it, but hey it's 5 am in Mexico and I can't sleep at all I saw Mischa sleeping right next to me and I started crying again and again I won't spoil the ending for someone who hasn't seen the movie but really sad for me I have no idea why!!!
I will try to get some sleep
Thanks for reading sorry i'm just sooooo sad :(

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Soooo alot of you know that I made about 100 box cards in x-mas and if you didn't know wellll now you do hahahaha ok so I have about 60 left or maybe 50 because I have been using them quite a while so for Easter I made some box cards for my family and friends just 5 because I mean come on I need better scissors for cutting I might want to buy the cutter bee scissors can anyone recommend if they are good???
Another Lily card I used my studio g stamps for the bunny the easter eggs and the hippity hoop sentiment LOVEEEE THEM.
The Billy card was to cute but I made this pants green and they weren't showing so I had to change it to orange.


So I just made the Tut on how to make the Easter Basket and here are the baskets I made.
Mischa is always a DIVA and wants to be in every picture!!!
These are for my nieces and nephews I have 5 so I just made 5 baskets and for the grown ups I made yesssss yessssss yessss again ladies I used my box cards that I have left from x-mas hahahahahaha so I will publish those in a little bit!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I know I know I know COPICS are the best SKETCH, CIAO, or what ever in the world there is but for me this is a hobby I love to scrapbook I love to stamp and DEAR LORDDD have I spend alot of money on this amazing hobby so when Mampis accidentally ordered 2 sets of prismacolor markers hey it most have been the universe telling me I'm cheaper than the COPICSSSSS so since October I have been using the prismacolors and have lest my LE PLUME MARKERS have been well hiding for a little while I do love the prismas but still the le plume have this feeling of flowing that I love.
Seeeee even Mischa loves the PRISMACOLOR MARKERS
I just had to add this pic of Mischa she is too cute and I love how she sleeps

Thursday, April 2, 2009


But this time she is dressed in pink and now she is serving Latte to all her friends, not like last time, she was serving tea???