Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We got up today really early because we want to go downtown but the dollar today is 14.00 pesos each soooooooooooo I don't think I'll be shopping alot or any today at all, but tomorrow it's our last day so i'm freaking out, I wanted to buy some Day of the Dead stamps from Deadbeat Designs stamps but some how they sold out in san antonio stamps so I got really bummed I hope I find them in the internet???
We got to downtown really fast we saw the Rivercenter Mall I haven't been there for a while then we went to the Sanrio store were Mampis bought the cutest purse ever and I had to call JF ok see the patron of me falling in love with this guy, I just wanted him to have a great day, we saw the river but we couldn't get in the boat because they where closed, then we went to the Disney Store I bought some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, and then finally to the ALAMO we toke some pictures called my mum and came back home.

When we arrived i got my Victorias Secret bras and we went to eat to SALTGRASS me and Mampis had the BABY BACK RIBS with garlic mashed potatoes we divided the plate and still after 1 lt of Ice Tea and 4 baby back ribs and a tortilla soup I was sooooooooooooo full that the button of my bluse just popped so i'm not going to have any dinner tonight or maybe a yogurth, I went to Victorias Secret got the sensor tags off and then walked so we can get the dinner down I found the cuttest wicked burgundy witches hat I just had to buy it!!!
We got home and I wrote on my blog and looked for the stamps but never found them at all.
I finished packing and guess what I have room for more shopping hahahahaha.
Sleepyyyyyyyyyyy Timeeeeeeeeeee



Ok today I'm going to buy my hair color that is it blonderrrrrrr!!!
We went to SUPER TARGETTTTTTT I got 3 Mossimo Jeans, a gift for JF, lots of chocolates, some pumpkin stuff, some scrapbooking items, some ribbons, the perfect blonde but I wanted a lighter blonde didn't find it at all so I just bought the LOREAL DREAM BLONDE 9 but I wanted the 11 i will try to buy it later after seeing how it turns out in my hair.
Then we went to eat to PEI WEI delizzzzzzzzz Mandarin Kung Pao Chicken & Honey Swered Chicken with fried rice and a chai tea it was really good.
Finally I went to Victorias Secret I bought 3 cute bras a light pink, light yellow, and light blue, also the Coconut Beauty Rush spray and a Cherry massage Oil.
Some how I found 2 shoes one in black that I had some that looked like them and these cute dark brown boots.
I went again to Target but to returned 1 jeans and a shirt but I never found the BIG BEN.
I bought about 6 more dvd's the movie 21 for JF and 5 for me but I want to see them with him hahahahaha.
I got home and started coloring my hair, but I heard the song FIDELITY on the radio it's the song I dedicated to JF so I saw it as a sign and I called him and we talked for a few minutes and then he got connected into skype and we talked really great I truly missed him, he talked to Mampis and she told him how my dad calles her Memphis, he calls me Dorothy instead of Daugther and my mum Waffle instead of Wife it's kinda funny because we keep telling him the difference and he still doesn't get it so we just leave him calling us what he wants.
The bad part of the day was the lady of Victoria Secret left the tags the sensor tags so I need to take it again tomorrow.
Sleepy Timeeeeeeee Oh yeah the hair color does look pretty good now a better blonderrrrr berry


Blanquis, Mampis, & me went early to CRACKER BARREL we had the GRANDMAS pancake breakfast 2 blueberry pancakes, 2 scramble eggs, 1 slice of bacon, 1 sausage, hash brown casserole, and a cured maple ham, also they gave us for free biscuits and gravy with grits DELIZZZZZZZZZ.
We where full then we went to LA CANTERA MALL Mampis toke the Ipod touch to return it and she got a new one, I went to forever 21 got the cutest sweater dress that I left on hold and they never wanted to keep in on hold and I got it yeyayaya THE SECRET is really true!!!
Then I went to Williams Sonoma I bought halloween cookie cutters and the halloween pumpkin those are sooooooo cute I need to make some and add them to the cupacake blog before DAY OF THE DEAD AND HALLOWEEN!!!
I went to Victorias Secret I started putting makeup on, I love the bronzer it's soooooooo good, but I didn't saw that the brush I was using had bronzer in it so you can imagen how bronzed I looked it wasn't pretty at all then I sprayed this glimmer mist but some how it just started spraying everywhere and I was spraying the whole Victorias Secret store with it, the lady just looked at me and started laughing it was really Hilarious.
Then we went to Bare Essentuals store yes ladies there is a store and my MUM finally bought her makeup kit she is soooooooooo happy with it I'm going to give her the money later because that is my gift to her, she got special treatment and I gave her $30.00 so I owe her $30.00 more, all 3 of us got a free sample that is sooooooo nice I really do love BE.
Then we went to Target god I sooooooooo love Target stores they are the best I found something for JF but I don't know if he is going to like it it's the BIG BEN from Design Ideas I got these really cool Mossimo jeans and i'm now thinking I should color my hair to blonder so I might buy a hair coloring??? Who knows???
We got back home and went to eat with my dad to LUBY'S I had the chicken fried steak which sucked big time, so I didn't eat that much but the corn bread was really good also the bread Mampis gave me and the fried ockra, we called Eliza who came later to pick us up and again to North Star Mall we toke her to BE store and she got a huge kit the starter kit, the eyebrows kit, and this mineral wash that is really good I bought one too, also I did my makeup again, then we went again to Victorias Secret still haven't found cute bras or panties, we walked in Dillards but I don't want to buy anything right now I need to save money and alot so I have no idea how to do it so better if I stop buying when I said that we went to The Limited and I bought 2 shirts one silk orange and another cotton hot pink!!!
We came home and wasssssss really tired so we toke a bubble bath I opened my e-mail and finally an e-mail from JF yeyaayayay I missed him alot so this pretty much made my day so I just had to call him and we talked for a while and I sleeped like a babyyyyyy after that!!!


I'm a Catholic but I really don't go to church but this time my father insisted let's go to church so we did and it was in spanish even if it's my language I never liked spanish gospel, after 1 hour and 1/2 yes 1 hour and 1/2 of praying even if I prayed for my grandma, Jf, my family Mampis, Ele, all my cousins Ana Pao, my best friends all my bella friends Susan Dube, Katie Cotton anyways still 1 hour and 1/2 reallyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
After church we went to eat to BRAVO a delizzzzzzz Italian restaurant in LA CANTERA MALL I ate 1/2 of a lasagna and a salad mmmmm amazing we went with Mr. Moussali & his wife Eliza which are like my uncle and aunt also my father and my mum Blanquita we were sooooooo happy that it was sunday and I never do diet on sunday so we order the triple desserts delight TIRAMISU, CREME BRULEE, AND NEW YORK CHEESECAKE, Eliza order a BERRY CRUMBLE CAKE and we just eat all 4 desserts the 6 of us the Creme Brulee wasn't that good the cream mmm yeah not great, it was just ok, the Tiramisu I have to say this JF makes the best TIRAMISU cake I have ever tasted this one wasn't awesome, it was good but JF the Chef he makessssss it amazing and i'm the pastry chef so I need some classes from him, then the Cheesecake was just too cheessssssy and the best one was the BERRY CRUMBLE CAKE with berries whas just warm and with the vainilla ice cream was sooooo good after eating we went shopping I bought 5 shirt in new York and Company yeyayayeyayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we went to see my kinda Italian Grandmother she is really sick her huspand has Alzheimers and he is in a nursing home so I haven't seen him but Nerina is just terribly bad I saw her sad and depressed and just bad after her surgery she isn't the same so I thought life is really short I send an e-mail to JF I LOVE HIM............
I started crying I got mixed emotions on all the issue people get sick really fast, and you never know when love ones die so why not tell them you love them everyday so that is what i'll be doing for now on!!!
Couldn't sleep at all wrote in my diary.



Today we just got the car and went of to go shopping we had sooooooooo many things to do so we went to LA CANTERA again to Michaels but I bought some clear stamps that I already had so I have to exchange them, the bad part is I never found the 40% off coupon in the news paper and the sales person doesn't want to receive the 40% coupon from joann that really sucks but hey what can I do about it??? then we went to North Star Mall for more shopping still haven't found any shoes and I haven't heard anything from JF so i'm kinda sad I really miss him but what can you do??? I still went to Victorias Secret and found the great Coconut Beauty Rush it's sooooooooo good I really want to buy it!!!

Then Mampis and I went to eat to The Cheesecake Factory a YUMMY double BBQ burger it's soooooooo good, and then we went to Sephora where I use all the make up available for free and was thinking of buying my MUM the Bare Essentuals (THE BEST MAKE UP EVER) I bought one for Arlette that she asked for it and gave me the money, and I bought the new BOTOX lips also from BE they make your lips look soooooo hot and it gives you a tingly feeling kinda cool, then I escaped to Blockbuster and bought more more more dvd's they areeeee sooooooooooo cool it's one of my hobbies we came back to the house and saw SHUTTER I liked it it's the verson of a chinese horror movie I prefer the chinese but hey it's good, then we had Green Tea Ice Cream Haggen Danz and Creme Brulee Ice Cream can anyone say hooooooooray I SCREAM YOU SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAMMMMMMM the we saw SYDNEY WHITE funny movie and MISS PETIGREW ohhhhhhhh how happy am I with my dvd's also I got SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE and my witches diary 2009 which my JF gave it to me 10 years ago he gave me 1999 wow 10 years have passed
SLEEPY TIMEEEEEE some how I have been getting nightmares because Mampis tells me all the time that I keep shouting JF JUAN FRIS and Nooooooo and stop what the hell kinda of dream am I getting but that she was really worried because I sounded scared:(

Friday, October 3, 2008


So today I just had to go to Michaels and because it opens at 9:00 hey lets do the shopping fast my dad made me a cute map because I get lost in my closet so we drove off and michaels was everything I wanted I got someee cute stuff, then we went to Old Navy and yes I bought clothessssssss actually 4 things, then we went to Target I just bought 5 scrubs and cute thing for pencils and something for LONDON LIVERPOOL ENGLAND It's too cold outside baby!!! FOR MY BF JF HE LOVES THE BEATLES SO I BOUGHT HIM THE BIG BEN BUT THEN HE TOLD ME HE TROWS EVERYTHING AWAY SO I RETURNED IT.
From there we went to LA CANTERA yeayayaya finally shopping we went to SPENCER store and saw tones of crazy things I mean crazyyyyyyyyy halloween stuff kinky stuff ugly stuff, then to Victorias Secret, Forever 21 got these cute dresses, bath junkie that Mampis loves, New York Company saw 5 cute shirts will buy later, just shopped all day.
Then we went to Cheesecake Factory at the NORTH STAR MALL and had the best burger the double BBQ burger ohhhhhhh you will see the pictures later and some avocato egg rolls with a Tamarine sauce mmmmmmm everything delizzzzzzzzzz.
Then we just walked for 3 more hours shopping trying everything on, and just put on hold more things until we got oo tired we came back to the house where my dad said hey how about a Gelato so we went to Davinci's Gelatos mmmmmmmmmmm I had pistacho and chocolate but it's not the best one I have had for me it's Creme Brulee of Hageen Danz in Mexico with JF.
Then we got back where I found my brothers RR computer a PC and for a MAC girl it's not good so finally I wrote in my blog and send some e-mails.


YEAYAAAAAA We are still here in San Antonio have we been everywhere nooooooo but hey we still have a few more days here so it's all good we are taking our time.
Mampis woke up at 4 am kinda nervous about something, then I couldn't sleep who knows why!!!
We had breakfast and toke the second truck to the storage, when we came back to the house we saw a dvd I really need to see all the dvd's I bought because if one isn't working I have to take it back and I can I have 5 days to do it!!!

We went to eat to SALTGRASS mmmmmmm I had baby back ribs I WANT MY BABY BACK BABY BACK BABYYYYYY BACKKKKKKK RIBSSSS Mampis had chicken tenders and my parents had an amazing RIB EYE YUMMMMMY.
I told my mum we have too go to JOANN I saw one near the airport and we are near the airport and it's near the North Star Mall so I thought I know how to drive in san antonio I have no idea how I got really lost I mean really lost but some how I didn't end up in the Joann that I wanted I somehow got to an older Joann and guess what everything 70 off yesssssss 70 off so me and Mampis bought some Luxury paper for 6 dollars and 3 punches of fiskars forrrrrrr 3.50 each can you die at the deal ohhhhhhh i'll be making great cards for my baby with those!!!
Then we went to Target bought some scrapbooking items and some shirts then guess what we got lost again and in the airport but this time I told my mum hey I know a shortcut and then vroooooom I drove hey like me a psycho person and I got in the NORTH STAR MALL
FINALLYYYYYYYYYY we where there for 4 hours who says shopping doesn't count as exercise is probably a guy!!! But I didn't find any clothes that I like of course Mampis did but at least I made my apointment for my eyebrows.
I found these amazing coach tennis shoes and guess who bought them instead of me..... Blanquita MY MOTHERRRRRR
But hey maybe I could borrow them???
We got home and had a light dinner
Then we saw SHUTTER which is good and SYDNEY WHITE but then I fell asleep again


Yet another day in San Antonio and yet we haven't really done any shopping we waited for the second truck but I had to do some cleaning so I vaccum with my DYSON it's the best thing ever ohhhhhhhh I want the pink one hahahahaha.
We went to eat soooooo my father wanted Taipei and hey it's chinese food so why not???
Mampis AKA MEMPHIS TENNESSEE ELVIS my dad somehow can't say Mampis so he calls her Memphis and he calls my mum WAFFLE well one time and he keeps calling me DOROTHY instead of DAUGTHER sooooooo it's really hilarous!!!
Mampis order Sweet and Sour chicken I order Triple Delight my mum and dad order chicken with black bean sauce the rice sucked hey less calories, but the won ton and egg roll.
We got separated because I'm obsessed at buying more dvd's so we go to HEB and BLOCKBUSTER and you know what I want more dvd's yeah that is right when we got back the 2nd truck arrived my father was driving it and he was about to take the house with it, really funny I think my dad reminds me of the Pink Panter Jack Clouseau and he has the cd and sometimes puts that famous song taaaaaaaan tannnnnnn tan tan.
We where tired of lots of dumb things so we watched MISS PETRIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY BUTTTTTTTTTT I didn't see the ending I was really sleepy I have been going to sleep at 9:00 for 2 days should I be worried???


Mampis and I woke up early, had breakfast, I showed Mampis my house I opened all my boxes of, we couldn't leave the house dirty because it's bad for Mampis and her health it makes her SICK.
We had to stay in yeyayayayaya NOoooooooooooooo it sucked my father bought 2 trucks so we had to stay and wait for them to be delivered when the first one arrived we toke it to an storage thingy who knows and who cares, then we went to HEB and yesssssss I saw all the halloween stuff and guess what I didn't bought anything at all can you believe this.
Then we left the house with Blanquita and went to lunch to TAIPEI I will add pictures later of everything.

I saw this cute store called San Antonio stamps and I had to buy some DIA DE MUERTOS STAMPS that I love!!!

We didn't go to the Mall because we where tired but we did go to this halloween store that sucked and didn't have anything and then my eyes wide open when I saw blockbuster and guess what I bought tons of dvd's of course my mother BLANQUITA was killing me with noooooooo stop buying no more dvd's but then Mampis had a bag also full of dvd's so my mum keeped quite.
I started driving when I really wanted to go to Target but it was empty no halloween items no anything at all so i just bought my quaker rice cakes and that is it nothing at all how empty was the store so I might not be bringing the suitcase that full.
We got home really tired then my dad got this crazy idea to have subway for dinner again yes subway so mampis and me went with him but he then toke us on a mini tour too HOME DEPOT and yet again no halloween items this is worring me would this be the year I won't buy halloween stuff ohhhhhh that is a scray thought maybe at least some socks???
We got in an HEB and I just wanted something different to eat there we saw this rosticery chicken italian herbs that looked sooooooo good so hey we had to get it and a delizzzzzz potato salad and an edamame salad believe me cheap and nutrizzzz.


So we went to the Mexican airport and we arrived 2 hours later hey it's better than to lose the plane, I pretty much packed nothing in my huge huge hugeeeeee suitcase because I think i'm going to bring the world to Mexico scrapbooking, card making, and of course lots of gifts for my friends and JF and my family but more to you know who...........YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE MY BABY JF!!! OF COURSE.......
We arrived to San Antonio TX at 8:30 on Tuesday my father picked us up and we went to have dinner mmmmm where you ask??? SUBWAY hey we don't want to gain weight.
Then we got home eat and had an amazing bubble bath so that is pretty much it for tuesday.