Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So me an my BFF are making some cards with Pink Cat Studio stamps and Bellas, of course she is making more, i'm in my Lazy mode.Mampis made this card with Lily from Pink Cat Studio, but she made here with a Kimono isn't she adorable I can't wait to get my Lily stamps.
I made this card with one kitty from Pink Cat Studio orange and greens very berry simple
I just love this kitty Mampis made the card with her scor-pal the best thing evaaaaa and i made the kitty very retro look 50's style.
This is just like the one I made with bellas but know with a kitty i love the ice cream paper.
This one is my favorite Mampis used the Kitty from Pink Cat Studio and the coffee bean, and the latte are also from PCS i loveeeee the colors she use what can i say my friend is an amazing card designer.