Friday, January 9, 2009

1999 * 2009

How the years have past in 1998 I meet my bf JF he was my bff and still is but we had a fling I like saying that he was my first bf in college uhhhhh how romantic but the truth is very berry well he had a yucky gf so I kissed him and swepted him off his feet and his gf anyway there is a point we were together in college but life came in between I started dating other men and he started dating other women and then we drifted apart, but he gave me something that I still cherish, he gave me a diary the witches diary and since then I have been collecting them and buying them and writing in them.
Here is my collection I know this isn't stamping related but still I love the idea of how the years have passed and to have something that oh well it's my life and when I read it last night I just had to called him because on this day 9 of january 1999 I wanted to be with him but I wasn't because I was confused and well an Idiot but in my diary it said that I loved him and for me to know that I loved him then and I really love him alot more NOW it's just so SPECTACULAR...... SO THIS IS LOVEEEE HE IN SOMEWAY IS MY SOUL MATE