Saturday, February 14, 2009


I really don't celebrate san valentines day well at least not in the 14th I prefer the 13th because 3 is my favorite number and also i'm a romantic what can I say???
Here is the super package I made my bf JF Chefris I hope he loves it all of them are MFT stamps maid for you I got 2 in the mail this week from a friend then I made 1 smaller for the menu and the milk carton box, but Kim had an offer and I just loved the maid that I had to buy her!!!
Here is Mischa she is always in my pictures she loves it and she is too cute......
Mischa just has to be int he pictures I loveeee her sooooo much Oh I have her a valentines present too
The candy inside to the milk carton box I just love making it I will try out the 4 milk cartons and the caddy for them

The surprise was meeeeee hahaha I dressed as a maid and my bf has a wall with those colores grays and blacks mmmmm should I add a picture of me as a maid should I???