Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm obsessed with Lily fairy literally obsessed I just love her can't wait to get her but I have to wait until the new releases coming in march 24th or 26 so be prepareeee I know I am.
I needed to make few changes so I added on January snowflakes and on
february pink hearts
On March I added some 4 leaf clovers and a golden coin and on
April I added some easter jolee's
On May I added some pink flowers and on June well it's summer so lily had the works a wave, some seagulls, and a sand castle again some jolee's I had.
On July I added some blue and red stars and on August some leaves
September well it's a mexican holiday so I made lily mexican and on October my favorite month halloweennnnn
November of course thanksgiving a theme and December pretty much stayed the same