Friday, April 3, 2009


I know I know I know COPICS are the best SKETCH, CIAO, or what ever in the world there is but for me this is a hobby I love to scrapbook I love to stamp and DEAR LORDDD have I spend alot of money on this amazing hobby so when Mampis accidentally ordered 2 sets of prismacolor markers hey it most have been the universe telling me I'm cheaper than the COPICSSSSS so since October I have been using the prismacolors and have lest my LE PLUME MARKERS have been well hiding for a little while I do love the prismas but still the le plume have this feeling of flowing that I love.
Seeeee even Mischa loves the PRISMACOLOR MARKERS
I just had to add this pic of Mischa she is too cute and I love how she sleeps