Monday, May 25, 2009


THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU SECRET SISTAHHHH Ok not so secret Amy Rambo cool last name by the way, not so secret because I live in mexico and for her to send it over here she had to put her name and addy sorry!!! I had no idea about that.
But I love that I know who send it so I can say thankssss for all the perfect gift and the best timing too....
I loved everything you sent me the nesties are sooooo what I needed and the scissors too I have started using my flower book for some sales so i'll be using that daily and pretty much all of it I loved in this picture it's missing the glitter because I accidentaly broke it OOPS!!! sorry.
But all the stuff i'm really using it and the card she made ohhh too cute thanks alot I get tons of ideas from all the cards I get and I always save them.
Well I'm off gotta go and make more TUT TUESDAY'S ahahahaha