Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm always thinking I don't publish enough, and that I have been a lazy crafter, creator, scrapbooker, and stamper, but then I realize that I have been doing alot of things I"m just not a good blogger, I always forget to add the posts, the dates, everything (maybe that is why I haven't won any challenges of any companies they think I might never blog)
So what have I been doing NOW
Cards cards and more cards, invitations actually and let me tell you they are hard to do!!!
It's not the finished looked but I kinda liked this idea of card so I'm blogging it.
It's my favorite card of all I need to post later the inside of each one but this one I made it with my SIL and she loved it sooooo much that it's going to be her wedding cards yeayayaya which i'm making and i'm taking soooooo long to finish them.