Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm going to get surgery so I got depressed and well we did a little celebration Kung pao chicken and some singing in the kinect but from that it was pretty much it I didn't make anything for my BF too sad :( but he is soooo sweet he brought me a valentines card, and 2 of my favorite things croissants and granny smith apples.All the love of the world gets together on valentines day nope I don't thinks so, this commercial holiday it's just what it is, but there is no way that my BF is getting out of it, he knows how CORNY I am with Valys day I always make a big deal the good part is we DON'T celebrate on the 14th that would be cheesy hahahaha we celebrate the 13 which is my favorite day!!!
2011 I wanted something more mmmmm me NO flowers, NO chocolates, (a minute in the mouth a millennium in my hips) NO teddy bears I mean really what am I going to do with a teddy bear, NO ballons!!!!
I asked for granny smith apples and croissants (yeah right like this is an alternative to the chocolate, I think the croissants are worst but hey they are croissants mmmmmm delizzz).
And what did I get yes 2 gorgeous RED heart shaped baskets with what else Croissants and Granny Smith Apples with a perfect card.
Seeeeeeeee down below