Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I loveeeee this card it's a fella from stampingbella it's beerfella but i wanted to pay my BF my Babyyyy some money I owed him and I wanted a cute card to go with it sooooo I made this one thinking of the money song money that's what i want, the best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bee's i want moneyyyyy ohhhhhh i need to make a bella for me hahahaha it's too cute and i used the money from the jolee's i had.
I loveeee my scor-pal i made 4 cd cases this one is for my Mom my darling Blanquita with her her favorite music, i made one for my sistah Mary Lanchenbruch, my BFF Mampis with songs that we listen to in her house when we are making cards, and my BF Juan Fris with all the songs i think of him
This is one is for my sistahhhhh LYLAS with her favorite music
This one is the one i made for MampisOhhhhhh i love this one it's supposed to be me with my pink ipod and my BFF with his black ipod and orange right now we are both in love with orange i have no idea why???
The inside of the cd case I LOVEEEEEEE my SCOR-PAL
The 4 cd cases hey i need to make oe for me what was i thinking??? they are too cute