Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I just had to add more touches on this card it wasn't really completed so i added some sentiments and i really love it sooooo much i haven't giving it to my cousin :(

This is the inside of the card it's the 9 months of the preggers
Mampis made this adorable card for her grandma
and she also made this one mmmm yellow, green, and blue does look good together

I made these cards for mothers day I had no idea i had sooooo many mothers i needed to give cards to so i had a job to do I wanted to try something different for mothers day cards not just pink and purple so i went with peach and pea green
But i also made some lavender ones my grandma loveeeessss lavender
More detailed the lobe to be a brunette from stampingbella
and i couldn't leave the blondes behind ad i have to say now that i'm a blonde i do have more fun