Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ok soooooo I have been really lucky with 2 great sistahs , I do admit that I have had a better connection with Mary Lachenbrunch my second sistah, also Tammy was an amazing sistah too.
But because this round I guess no one wanted a Mexican sistah maybe because of the of the postal shipping increase who knows so my BFF Mampis and business partner knew i was pretty sad so she did a RAK for me how cute is that and she gave me tons of stuff here it is. 4 cardmakers books i never had any of these so they are going to be cool to use and some stickers and tons of huge queen & co. brads they are the best.
Look at all the cute brads they are soooo cool, and huge i never saw such huge brads, i just really need to scrapbooking soon