Friday, October 3, 2008


Mampis and I woke up early, had breakfast, I showed Mampis my house I opened all my boxes of, we couldn't leave the house dirty because it's bad for Mampis and her health it makes her SICK.
We had to stay in yeyayayayaya NOoooooooooooooo it sucked my father bought 2 trucks so we had to stay and wait for them to be delivered when the first one arrived we toke it to an storage thingy who knows and who cares, then we went to HEB and yesssssss I saw all the halloween stuff and guess what I didn't bought anything at all can you believe this.
Then we left the house with Blanquita and went to lunch to TAIPEI I will add pictures later of everything.

I saw this cute store called San Antonio stamps and I had to buy some DIA DE MUERTOS STAMPS that I love!!!

We didn't go to the Mall because we where tired but we did go to this halloween store that sucked and didn't have anything and then my eyes wide open when I saw blockbuster and guess what I bought tons of dvd's of course my mother BLANQUITA was killing me with noooooooo stop buying no more dvd's but then Mampis had a bag also full of dvd's so my mum keeped quite.
I started driving when I really wanted to go to Target but it was empty no halloween items no anything at all so i just bought my quaker rice cakes and that is it nothing at all how empty was the store so I might not be bringing the suitcase that full.
We got home really tired then my dad got this crazy idea to have subway for dinner again yes subway so mampis and me went with him but he then toke us on a mini tour too HOME DEPOT and yet again no halloween items this is worring me would this be the year I won't buy halloween stuff ohhhhhh that is a scray thought maybe at least some socks???
We got in an HEB and I just wanted something different to eat there we saw this rosticery chicken italian herbs that looked sooooooo good so hey we had to get it and a delizzzzzz potato salad and an edamame salad believe me cheap and nutrizzzz.