Friday, October 3, 2008


Yet another day in San Antonio and yet we haven't really done any shopping we waited for the second truck but I had to do some cleaning so I vaccum with my DYSON it's the best thing ever ohhhhhhhh I want the pink one hahahahaha.
We went to eat soooooo my father wanted Taipei and hey it's chinese food so why not???
Mampis AKA MEMPHIS TENNESSEE ELVIS my dad somehow can't say Mampis so he calls her Memphis and he calls my mum WAFFLE well one time and he keeps calling me DOROTHY instead of DAUGTHER sooooooo it's really hilarous!!!
Mampis order Sweet and Sour chicken I order Triple Delight my mum and dad order chicken with black bean sauce the rice sucked hey less calories, but the won ton and egg roll.
We got separated because I'm obsessed at buying more dvd's so we go to HEB and BLOCKBUSTER and you know what I want more dvd's yeah that is right when we got back the 2nd truck arrived my father was driving it and he was about to take the house with it, really funny I think my dad reminds me of the Pink Panter Jack Clouseau and he has the cd and sometimes puts that famous song taaaaaaaan tannnnnnn tan tan.
We where tired of lots of dumb things so we watched MISS PETRIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY BUTTTTTTTTTT I didn't see the ending I was really sleepy I have been going to sleep at 9:00 for 2 days should I be worried???