Friday, October 3, 2008


So today I just had to go to Michaels and because it opens at 9:00 hey lets do the shopping fast my dad made me a cute map because I get lost in my closet so we drove off and michaels was everything I wanted I got someee cute stuff, then we went to Old Navy and yes I bought clothessssssss actually 4 things, then we went to Target I just bought 5 scrubs and cute thing for pencils and something for LONDON LIVERPOOL ENGLAND It's too cold outside baby!!! FOR MY BF JF HE LOVES THE BEATLES SO I BOUGHT HIM THE BIG BEN BUT THEN HE TOLD ME HE TROWS EVERYTHING AWAY SO I RETURNED IT.
From there we went to LA CANTERA yeayayaya finally shopping we went to SPENCER store and saw tones of crazy things I mean crazyyyyyyyyy halloween stuff kinky stuff ugly stuff, then to Victorias Secret, Forever 21 got these cute dresses, bath junkie that Mampis loves, New York Company saw 5 cute shirts will buy later, just shopped all day.
Then we went to Cheesecake Factory at the NORTH STAR MALL and had the best burger the double BBQ burger ohhhhhhh you will see the pictures later and some avocato egg rolls with a Tamarine sauce mmmmmmm everything delizzzzzzzzzz.
Then we just walked for 3 more hours shopping trying everything on, and just put on hold more things until we got oo tired we came back to the house where my dad said hey how about a Gelato so we went to Davinci's Gelatos mmmmmmmmmmm I had pistacho and chocolate but it's not the best one I have had for me it's Creme Brulee of Hageen Danz in Mexico with JF.
Then we got back where I found my brothers RR computer a PC and for a MAC girl it's not good so finally I wrote in my blog and send some e-mails.