Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We got up today really early because we want to go downtown but the dollar today is 14.00 pesos each soooooooooooo I don't think I'll be shopping alot or any today at all, but tomorrow it's our last day so i'm freaking out, I wanted to buy some Day of the Dead stamps from Deadbeat Designs stamps but some how they sold out in san antonio stamps so I got really bummed I hope I find them in the internet???
We got to downtown really fast we saw the Rivercenter Mall I haven't been there for a while then we went to the Sanrio store were Mampis bought the cutest purse ever and I had to call JF ok see the patron of me falling in love with this guy, I just wanted him to have a great day, we saw the river but we couldn't get in the boat because they where closed, then we went to the Disney Store I bought some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, and then finally to the ALAMO we toke some pictures called my mum and came back home.

When we arrived i got my Victorias Secret bras and we went to eat to SALTGRASS me and Mampis had the BABY BACK RIBS with garlic mashed potatoes we divided the plate and still after 1 lt of Ice Tea and 4 baby back ribs and a tortilla soup I was sooooooooooooo full that the button of my bluse just popped so i'm not going to have any dinner tonight or maybe a yogurth, I went to Victorias Secret got the sensor tags off and then walked so we can get the dinner down I found the cuttest wicked burgundy witches hat I just had to buy it!!!
We got home and I wrote on my blog and looked for the stamps but never found them at all.
I finished packing and guess what I have room for more shopping hahahahaha.
Sleepyyyyyyyyyyy Timeeeeeeeeeee