Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Ok today I'm going to buy my hair color that is it blonderrrrrrr!!!
We went to SUPER TARGETTTTTTT I got 3 Mossimo Jeans, a gift for JF, lots of chocolates, some pumpkin stuff, some scrapbooking items, some ribbons, the perfect blonde but I wanted a lighter blonde didn't find it at all so I just bought the LOREAL DREAM BLONDE 9 but I wanted the 11 i will try to buy it later after seeing how it turns out in my hair.
Then we went to eat to PEI WEI delizzzzzzzzz Mandarin Kung Pao Chicken & Honey Swered Chicken with fried rice and a chai tea it was really good.
Finally I went to Victorias Secret I bought 3 cute bras a light pink, light yellow, and light blue, also the Coconut Beauty Rush spray and a Cherry massage Oil.
Some how I found 2 shoes one in black that I had some that looked like them and these cute dark brown boots.
I went again to Target but to returned 1 jeans and a shirt but I never found the BIG BEN.
I bought about 6 more dvd's the movie 21 for JF and 5 for me but I want to see them with him hahahahaha.
I got home and started coloring my hair, but I heard the song FIDELITY on the radio it's the song I dedicated to JF so I saw it as a sign and I called him and we talked for a few minutes and then he got connected into skype and we talked really great I truly missed him, he talked to Mampis and she told him how my dad calles her Memphis, he calls me Dorothy instead of Daugther and my mum Waffle instead of Wife it's kinda funny because we keep telling him the difference and he still doesn't get it so we just leave him calling us what he wants.
The bad part of the day was the lady of Victoria Secret left the tags the sensor tags so I need to take it again tomorrow.
Sleepy Timeeeeeeee Oh yeah the hair color does look pretty good now a better blonderrrrr berry