Wednesday, March 11, 2009


LADIESSSSSS I'M SPEECHLESS (is that how you write it) I got an intresting e-mail from Penny Duke saying there was kinda a poll of how old am I believe me I'm olddddd!!!
So I want to hear from you to know how old am I and the winner of my real age will get all the 13 pages yes 13 pages of all the bellas I have and believe me I have pretty much all of them except the new ones I still haven't bought them oh well!!!
I don't feel bad about my age as it really doesn't defy me and alot of people say I look younger so I wanted to know how old do I look like really!!!
And if I do look younger I guess I owe it to my dermatologist, and yogurt
I have 3 skin care regimens
1*** Baking soda with a bit of water make it to a paste and add it to your face leave it on for 15 min 2 a week if you have black heads it will clear them out if you have sensitive skin then try in 1 a week.
2*** mix natural yogurt (the white one), honey in a bowl, and in the blender add some almonds and some oatmeal enough for the yogurt mix blend it well until it's fine add it to the yogurt mix add it to your face and it will make it really smooth, help you with the redness, make you well rested, you could add lemon juice but if you do and don't put sunblock you will get those huge freckles what are they call???
3*** SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN I have been using it since I was 8 i'm really white transparent so I will never get a tan and I learned that the hardway so sunscreen and sunblock even if you are scrapbooking and stamping

SO THERE YOU GO let me know how old am I pleaseeeeee