Sunday, August 9, 2009


I JUST LOVEEEEE THESE DON'T YOU they are so cute and so many ideas you can get with one stamp it's just too good to be true.
Here are some cards I made they are really simple and just very little time making them I think they came out pretty good what do you think???
Because it's raining sooooo much here in MX I just had to make one of the rain for my mum.
My SIL had her b-day 15 days ago so I made her this card and have her cute slippers.
This one I made for a my cousin Ana Pao who sadly lost her father recently.
We went out last night, thanks god she is doing really fine. I never know what to do in these situations I just listen to her and told her I was there for her when ever she needed a shoulder to cry on, it was really good for her to go outand the place we went was really nice it's called TIERRA DE VINOS I just had Merlot and a dessert great combination.
This one is for Arlette I have been mentioning Arlette sooooo much on my blog she is my cousin who I adore she is sooooo funny her b-day is the 30th of october
so I always make her little witches.
I hope I can post pictures of her but she hates getting photograph maybe when she is cutting my hair who knows but you gotta love her she is just THE ROCK!!!