Sunday, August 9, 2009


Finally I added all the bella cards I have made the sentiments are from MFT stamps I don't use alot of sentiments all of this cards I made for my SIL Ana my brother Pablo's GF.
This one is my SIL and my brother Pablis listening too music to make him I used ipod bellas ipod just remember the masking technique ok.
This one is for there 4 years anniversary congrats
This one is when they are walking there dog OSO on sundays.
This one is on Pablo's room they use the computer alot I also masked compubella
This one is when we are doing summer BBQ's.
This one was for when they went to acapulco.
This one was on Ana's B-DAY it was July Pablo gave her a great present loved it.
This one is for the spree shopping we are doing this month yeyeyayaya FINALLY I'M LEAVING
This one is for September celebration I'm going to be cooking this year too and this year I'm buying a good tequila we have one but it's not that good not for shots at least but there is one that is ooooohhhhh so good!!! I think i'll make some mango tequilas this year or tamarindo those are awesome but with 3 i'm DRUNK!!!
This one is for the Halloween Party we are thinking of making this year but only if the whole family comes if not hell i'm not decorating the house at all!!!
This one is when we are laying out watching dvd's pretty much all mine.....
This one is for x-mas. Which we do a dinner I think this year we are going to TX again eyeyayayaaaa x-mas shopping is the best and the decor is too cool.
So my SIL is going to use these on her scrapbook that she is trying to make.
I hope to post more and yessss I owe you tons of tutorials.