Monday, August 3, 2009


I was looking around in stampin bella like I always do when I saw this great technique NOT how to make a card or anything but to mount it, I don't have EZ mount (I know all the stamping world around me lives by it) not ME I just bought the TACK n PEEL I paste it to my acrylic block and voila something that hold my stamps in place soooo for 2 years it was great but I hated that the plastic got black and I just couldn't see the stamp anymore and to take it off well it just sucked.
Anyways I saw this on blogabella
Here is how easy you can use the Aleene's tack it loveee it with one bottles I did about 400 stamps and I still have enough for my other stamps.
Part of my materials my stamps and the tack it.
Then I got all the bellas out and arange them on my board or working surface.
Just this little dot covered the wholeee bella.
Paint it. Let it dry. Time about one Ture Blood Episode and
1 Entourage with the painting and drying.
We aren't called sCRAPbookers for nothing we collect CRAP I have keeped all my tranparencies of the jolee's in place I used them for some cards you can embossed them I just find tons of options to use them when the TACK IT is dry check whic is the sticky part of the jolee's where the jolee's would be that part the stamp will be removable the other part would just get stuck and all your work would have gone down the drain. For 6.00 I got all my bellas done!!!
Check at stamping bella if Em still sells it???
Taaaaaaa Daaaaaaa