Thursday, September 16, 2010


September 15 Mexico's Independece day, well everyone celebrates in their way so I can only say how we partied last night, it was hilarious, my Grandma Conchis started telling us stories when she got COURTED by my Grandpa Ruben it was so different times it would have been fun to see her, she got married at 16 years old he was 28.
We had Mole it's a Mexican dish from alot of traditions, Andrea, Blanquita and me made it, but it was a controversy because we like to vary, each one wanted to do it their way, yes WOMEN!!!
My BF gave me a great idea for the recipe to add fried bananas (platanos machos) inside the tortilla, now let me tell you the sweetness and the mole it's just an amazing whoaaaaa in the mouth, and the cream with the fresh cheese really MOLE it's my favorite mexican dish!!!!
Chiles En Nogada, love these chiles they are stuffed with 2 varies of meat pork and beef, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, fruits, with some spices, pepper, salt, ohhhhh yeah it's that good, now the nogada is the sauce on top which is made with cream, walnuts, pecans, and some secret ingredients, and then pomegrante seeds mmmmmm yummm.
Carrot cake yes ZEROOOO 000000 Mexican dessert but what can I tell you it's just delizzz of course my recipe who doesn't think their cakes aren't the best???
THE ZOCALOOOOOO whoaaaa look at the lights