Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well it was my MIL B-day what to give her what to give her mmmm really what the HELL should I buy her??? I had no idea until the BF said hey hunny I know the perfect gift, she loves loves loves flowers and orchids are one of her favorite flowers so I got this stamp set that is new and it has orchids so it's perfect I toke some of the MTME and guess what I did a cute kit a watering can and an apron card. Also I bought her an orchid but that one I forgot to take a picture.
I had to add this photo of Mischa seeing the watering can and giving me 2 thumbs up, she said it's one of my best works hahahaha I love my kitty.
Love the detailed on the orchids, I think i will make a card of this stamp set, it's pretty cool.
What would I do with out cuttlebugs mmmmm yeah NOTHIN