Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Blanquis, Mampis, & me went early to CRACKER BARREL we had the GRANDMAS pancake breakfast 2 blueberry pancakes, 2 scramble eggs, 1 slice of bacon, 1 sausage, hash brown casserole, and a cured maple ham, also they gave us for free biscuits and gravy with grits DELIZZZZZZZZZ.
We where full then we went to LA CANTERA MALL Mampis toke the Ipod touch to return it and she got a new one, I went to forever 21 got the cutest sweater dress that I left on hold and they never wanted to keep in on hold and I got it yeyayaya THE SECRET is really true!!!
Then I went to Williams Sonoma I bought halloween cookie cutters and the halloween pumpkin those are sooooooo cute I need to make some and add them to the cupacake blog before DAY OF THE DEAD AND HALLOWEEN!!!
I went to Victorias Secret I started putting makeup on, I love the bronzer it's soooooooo good, but I didn't saw that the brush I was using had bronzer in it so you can imagen how bronzed I looked it wasn't pretty at all then I sprayed this glimmer mist but some how it just started spraying everywhere and I was spraying the whole Victorias Secret store with it, the lady just looked at me and started laughing it was really Hilarious.
Then we went to Bare Essentuals store yes ladies there is a store and my MUM finally bought her makeup kit she is soooooooooo happy with it I'm going to give her the money later because that is my gift to her, she got special treatment and I gave her $30.00 so I owe her $30.00 more, all 3 of us got a free sample that is sooooooo nice I really do love BE.
Then we went to Target god I sooooooooo love Target stores they are the best I found something for JF but I don't know if he is going to like it it's the BIG BEN from Design Ideas I got these really cool Mossimo jeans and i'm now thinking I should color my hair to blonder so I might buy a hair coloring??? Who knows???
We got back home and went to eat with my dad to LUBY'S I had the chicken fried steak which sucked big time, so I didn't eat that much but the corn bread was really good also the bread Mampis gave me and the fried ockra, we called Eliza who came later to pick us up and again to North Star Mall we toke her to BE store and she got a huge kit the starter kit, the eyebrows kit, and this mineral wash that is really good I bought one too, also I did my makeup again, then we went again to Victorias Secret still haven't found cute bras or panties, we walked in Dillards but I don't want to buy anything right now I need to save money and alot so I have no idea how to do it so better if I stop buying when I said that we went to The Limited and I bought 2 shirts one silk orange and another cotton hot pink!!!
We came home and wasssssss really tired so we toke a bubble bath I opened my e-mail and finally an e-mail from JF yeyaayayay I missed him alot so this pretty much made my day so I just had to call him and we talked for a while and I sleeped like a babyyyyyy after that!!!