Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm a Catholic but I really don't go to church but this time my father insisted let's go to church so we did and it was in spanish even if it's my language I never liked spanish gospel, after 1 hour and 1/2 yes 1 hour and 1/2 of praying even if I prayed for my grandma, Jf, my family Mampis, Ele, all my cousins Ana Pao, my best friends all my bella friends Susan Dube, Katie Cotton anyways still 1 hour and 1/2 reallyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
After church we went to eat to BRAVO a delizzzzzzz Italian restaurant in LA CANTERA MALL I ate 1/2 of a lasagna and a salad mmmmm amazing we went with Mr. Moussali & his wife Eliza which are like my uncle and aunt also my father and my mum Blanquita we were sooooooo happy that it was sunday and I never do diet on sunday so we order the triple desserts delight TIRAMISU, CREME BRULEE, AND NEW YORK CHEESECAKE, Eliza order a BERRY CRUMBLE CAKE and we just eat all 4 desserts the 6 of us the Creme Brulee wasn't that good the cream mmm yeah not great, it was just ok, the Tiramisu I have to say this JF makes the best TIRAMISU cake I have ever tasted this one wasn't awesome, it was good but JF the Chef he makessssss it amazing and i'm the pastry chef so I need some classes from him, then the Cheesecake was just too cheessssssy and the best one was the BERRY CRUMBLE CAKE with berries whas just warm and with the vainilla ice cream was sooooo good after eating we went shopping I bought 5 shirt in new York and Company yeyayayeyayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we went to see my kinda Italian Grandmother she is really sick her huspand has Alzheimers and he is in a nursing home so I haven't seen him but Nerina is just terribly bad I saw her sad and depressed and just bad after her surgery she isn't the same so I thought life is really short I send an e-mail to JF I LOVE HIM............
I started crying I got mixed emotions on all the issue people get sick really fast, and you never know when love ones die so why not tell them you love them everyday so that is what i'll be doing for now on!!!
Couldn't sleep at all wrote in my diary.